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                Exclusively authorized by Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE), we provide the Shenzhen market data service to domestic and overseas clients for usage and/or distribution purpose. Market data can be provided under various license arrangements as below to meet your different business requirements.
                Real-time Data
                Real-time Data
                Real-time Level 1 and Level 2 data licensing service as well as the direct connection service.
                Historical Tick Data
                Historical Tick Data
                Reliable, Accurate, Timely.

                Help strategy backtesting & historical analysis.

                Delayed Data
                Delayed Data
                At least 15-min delayed Level 1 or Level 2 market data of all securities listed on SZSE.
                EOD Data
                EOD Data
                End-of-day market data means the closing price information after the market close at 3pm, specifically includes security code, short name, closing price, high/low, share outstanding.
                Trading Calendar
                Trading Day Non-trading Day